Thursday, May 1, 2014

Have You Really Made Full Use of Your Day Off?

Most of us have this little thought -
"I must be doing what I wanted to do for my day off tomorrow!" 
(Ya right, did you really wake up and do that?)

The monologues in our head (A= Angel, D= Demon): 
A= "It's holiday tomorrow! What should I do? It's been to a while since I hit the gym in the morning!"
D= "Really? I thought of sleeping until I wake up naturally (12pm-ish), that's more like it. Let me sleep a little longer."
A= "After the gym, I will go for a hearty lunch with my best friends in the newly open cafe, take a selfie!"
D= "Probably will just go downstairs to tabao and continue my sleep after that."
A= "Cleaning my wardrobe would be nice in the afternoon."
D= "Ah, it's already 4.30pm, I should wake up now to do my laundry." (checking facebook and chatting non-stop)
A= "I should cook myself dinner tonight."
D= "What is left in the fridge? That's my dinner."
A= "Done! Now I iron my clothes and get ready for tomorrow. Read a book and sleep early tonight, so I won't feel that bad tomorrow to go to work."
D="Damn, it's already 10pm, my laundry is not done, I have a meeting tomorrow! Nah, it's ok, just go to watch the ANTM now, it's the final tonight."

We often find ourselves debating with our monologues. How many of us are actually acting like an Angel and how many of us are a total demon? Oh well, come on admit it already, most of us are taking a balance among these two. Whilst being Demon as above is very indulging, nonetheless we will still do something when we are laying back to relax. 

IF you are not, see below: 

Total Angelic behaviours - You are a person who forces yourself to improve and achieve. Yes, it's important and healthy. Nonetheless, don't you think that perfection is overrated? It sounds to me you are fulfilling the superego  of yourself. While it's perfectly fine to be perfect, we do need to chillax our mind and body. Personally, I find people who are over-productive are plastic and fake. AND, do you find yourself really calm and happy while you're doing all these? If yes, I apologize. You're probably a great motivator among your peers. Outstanding! 

Total Demonic behaviours - You are a person who will just follow your body's will to act. That's called Id. You just do whatever that pleases your current mood. Most importantly, most of the decisions made are purely laziness and unproductive. Nobody shall over-relax themselves, because only dead bodies do that. In a total nothing-to-do day, unless you are completely fine with your decision to waste your day by doing nothing, the least you ought to do is go out to have a walk! Wherever it is, the park, the mall, loiter around in your car, buy a newspaper, etc. At the end of the day, you will feel slightly depressed because of what you did (yes, basically nothing other than inhale, exhale, eat, and go to the loo). You often ask yourself what did you do today, end up nothing, hit the sack and continue your routine over and over. While it's perfectly okay to be lazy, but you are harming yourself in a long term run. Do not complain while others are having better body, better network/friends, more knowledgeable than you, better pay and better appearance. It's all because you didn't invest your time properly. 

Summary of above: 
Your mind > your plan > your action > consequences > sense of achievement > positive/negative feelings.

Personal Reflection: 
I always make sure I get to relax and be productive at the same time. Like now, I am writing my blog, one step closer to my dream, but in the mean time, I took a 3-hour nap in the afternoon. I cook my dinner too! And I will off for a swim soon after this post. I don't usually rush for my day off and I do experience total demonic days too. But it's over now, I feel depressed if I do nothing for a day. Seriously, life is short. Do whatever pleases you, but eventually, feel good about it! 

Personal Advice: 
Do exercise during your off day. Staying stagnant whole day at home, doesn't really release any happy hormones (endorphin). 

So, share with me how did you spend your day off like today? 

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  1. well, when it comes to day off, i don't really care how i spend it.. as long as i feel relax and have a good rest - just do what i like and pamper myself, i won't be bothered with whether i have made full use of it.. :)

  2. @SK - Haha, yea, you can do that for your level, unlike me, who is still striving hard to make ends meet. >_<

  3. I always tell myself i must go jogging during my off day but i end up sitting in front of the computer whole day which is more relaxing for me

    1. LOL, you need to do it! Though sometimes you can slack, but don't always do that, or else you will dislike yourself. :)

  4. Sometimes when i achieve many things in one day ie. Productive, i feel very happy