Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Have You Come to Realize How Much Your Drinks Actually Cost You?

The Malaysia economy situation is going down the drain. Nonetheless, do you realize you don't reduce your expenses while you are complaining you can't earn much faster than the inflation does? In fact, you can save A LOT from NOT ordering drinks outside (now all the F&B sellers would hate me). 

Simple calculations
(based on the average monthly situation):

Example 1: Kopitiam Lifestyle 

RM1.50 - RM2.00 per cup
3 meals per day 
30 days per month 
RM1.50 x 3 meals x 30 days= RM135 

RM130 - RM180 saved for a month from not ordering drinks!
(Now, think what you can do with the money that you could have saved)

Example 2: High Class Tai Tai (rich housewives) Level

RM10 - RM15 per cup 
2 meals per day (with the assumption Tai Tais don't wake up that early) 
30 days per month
RM10 x 2 meals x 30 days = RM600

RM600 - RM900 saved IF you don't order expensive drinks like milkshake, expensive coffee in every meal you take!

Example 3: Common Gen X, Y, Z trend (slightly complex with forecast scenario)

Working day = RM1.50 for breakfast drink, RM1.50 for lunch drinks, RM5-10 for dinner drinks 
Weekends = RM10-15 (lunch drinks), RM15-20 (dinner drinks) 

Working day = RM1.50 + RM1.50 + RM8 = RM11
RM11 x 22 working days = RM242

Weekends = RM10 + RM15 = RM25
Saturday + Sunday = RM25 x 2 = RM50 
RM50 x 8 days = RM400 

RM242 (weekdays) + RM400 (weekends) = RM642 

Approximately RM500 - RM800 can be saved every month, if we don't drink the way we are doing it now. (just FYI, this hasn't factored in the Starbucks, themed cafes, alcohols that you would usually over-consume during Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

Some of you might think the data isn't reflecting the truth. If you don't believe it, try to record it down for a month. Don't try to save, just do it as usual, but just record the cost of drinks you spend for a month, you will be surprised by the amount of money you spend on drinks.

I was from a very average family and our family members didn't usually order drinks. We were trained to order Chinese Tea and warm water, which was free back then. And actually if we have soup or liquid in our food, it's not advisable to gulp down that full glass of drinks as well, which will not help with our digestion.

Yes, I am being very prudent in spending money. The reason is because the value of money isn't as kind as it used to be. People earned RM2000 per month, and still could raise 4 persons (the bread winner, wife, 2 kids) with basic needs. Ask yourself, what can you do with RM2000 nowadays? And as fresh out, we only earn RM2-3k and we are complaining all right? We leave the inflation topics aside now, focus on what you can do, to save you some pennies to be used on other purposes.

I am not asking you to not enjoy the delicious drinks out there, this post is just for illustration purposes. But just to be honest with you, my dear readers, I only spend less than RM50 per month for my drinks I guess. And I will make my own drinks at home, and you can adjust how much milo powder you are going to put and how big mug and concentrated you want it to be. Isn't that wonderful too?

Now, it's just a beginning lesson on how can you save to buy a house. :) I will share more on personal finance management in the future posts. Stay tuned!

Have you come to realize already? 

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  1. I have several options when it comes to coffee:
    1) Kopitiam - $1.50
    2) CBTL - B1F1 at $6.00
    3) Cafe - $3.80?
    4) Make my own Nescafe in the office - $0.00
    But I'll spend depending on my mood.

    1. Oh well, I believe you earn enough to cover your expenses. So it's fine for ya. :P

  2. another option.....bring own water...but then again there are some restaurant that doesn;t allow that. Next best option....order the cheapest drink :p

    1. Ya, I bring my own water, but of course won't drink it in the restaurant. Will drink after walking out from it usually. Agree with you on ordering the cheapest drink too! haha

  3. i have blogged about this before somewhere two weeks ago, what a coincidence!! that is what i feel, the drinks are so EXPENSIVE and OVERPRICED!! that is why, if i order anything in kopitiam that would be iced chinese tea at 50-sen only lor.. and i don't patronise cafes and coffee chains, and never bought any from those flavored-drinks chains, so i don't actually spend a lot~~ :0

    1. YES, OVERPRICED is the key word. What to do, they can't increase the food price too much as nobody is gonna eat, so they increase the drinks instead. I don't understand as well since when we accept drinks to be up to RM20. :S

  4. Certain people don't buy drinks outside they bring their own water outside this is how they save money but how? I can't live without drinks!