Monday, May 19, 2014

Have You Ever Liked Your Monday?

I believe at least 70% (is that underrated?) of us do-not-really like our Mondays. But WHY so? And how do we usually react to that?


1. Post Over-Rest Symptom. Nobody would claim that they have enough rest (unless that person is super duper hyper positivism overflown), and all the joyful moments and freedom that we are enjoying during the weekends are totally irresistible. Thinking of doing something that you aren't really passionate about for 9 hours the next day (work of course) definitely doesn't land you any happiness.

2. Procrastinated work. You might have a leisure Friday because of the TGIF mood. Certainly you would have delayed some work that you ought to complete last week! Imagine the stressful moment when you are trying to cover up your *rse by completing the delayed work. Erm, yea, we know, not a good feeling.

3. You hate you job. You are doing something for the sake of money or you can't find other job at the moment. This is more dreadful than asking you to drink Chinese herbs tea when you can't handle deep fried bitter gourd.

4. You dislike your boss/colleagues. Do you realize when it comes to work issue, the most difficult part is to deal with people? Some people don't let you negotiate a delay in deadline, some people's job is to find fault, and some people's job is to make your life miserable. To them, by achieving the target to make you feel frustrated, they are already promoted. My heart goes to you if you have such colleagues/boss. I am lucky that I don't. :)

5. You are just plain lazy. Yes, we are born to play, but no work = no money = no fun. We know the drill, that's the reason we drag our feet to work and walking like zombie from the car park to the office and start forcing that smile to kick-start the Monday blue. I do feel lucky that I don't feel much blue because I have great colleagues, boss and passion in my work.

So, HOW do you cope with your Monday blues then?

1. Clear your Sunday. Do not hang out to enjoy frantically till too late. Usually I stay home after 4pm. It's for me to let the excitement mood to subside and allow some moment for self-reflection.

2. Read a book, listen to your genre of music, eat the food that you like. Do something that soothes your soul on Sunday. Do not over-excite yourself as it's difficult to recover from the fun-hangover.

3. Do a mental checklist (be organized). Think of what you have to accomplish tomorrow. If you want to list them down, it's better so you don't miss out anything you NEED to do tomorrow and plan ahead of how you can accomplish them by orders. It saves your time to crack your head to organize them last minute with your weekend mood on a beautiful Monday (Don't you realize Mondays are mostly sunny?)

4. Hit the sack early. It's hard to say goodbye to Sunday, although the clock ticking pass 12am (officially Monday), but we know once we close our eyes, re-open, it would be 6-7am (OFFICIALLY MONDAY). Sleeping late doesn't help in beating the Monday blues. Wake up on time gives you the time to slowly take a shower and have a hearty breakfast before starting your almighty Monday.

5. Be a master of your own emotions. Despite the fact we always say "follow your heart", it is not applicable on small decision such as going to work (yes, it's kinda compulsory). Follow your BRAIN is the key to drive positive actions which will lead to positive feelings. Do not let emotions overwrite your productivity.

6. Quit your job and look for your passion. Doing something you don't like will continually make you feel despair. It's time to go for another job which you think suits you better.

Personal Reflection: 
On the "HOW" part, I do accomplish #1,2,3 & 5, still need to improve on #4, as I am an night owl. After 4 years of working, I don't find Mondays are that irritating as there are always things to appreciate in life. :) Life is good, when you are still earning an honest living to make ends meet. 

So, share with me how do you think about Monday? 

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