Friday, August 28, 2015

The Lost Passengers

I have just finished watching movie and driving back alone. When I drove pass the corner of the mall, I saw 2 foreigners were wandering around a cab. One of them was trying to open the door (of course the handler) and another one was looking at his phone, he then eventually sat on the cab bonnet.  The cab was empty when I looked clearly. The driver wasn't in sight. There were few cabs around too, all in the off duty mode. The two foreigners looked helpless, it was almost 12am.

I thought to myself, were they waiting for the driver? Were they calling him? Were they frustrated because no one was on duty late night? Would they be able to go to their hotel? etc etc. All these questions came to my mind when I drove pass them.

I couldn't stop thinking about them. I felt I had the chance to help them. Took a U-turn at the roundabout, I talked to myself, "If they are still there, I would take them to where they want to go, Penang is not that big anyway."

So I came back to the same spot just in 5 minutes. They were gone. The taxi was gone. I believed they were in good hand already.


Moral of the story:

Chances don't come everytime. Grab it while you can.
I could've just whirled down the window and asked them whether they needed help.
I could've trusted people more, even in this messy world.
I could've shown humanity, even without cameras around.
I could've felt better if they really needed a ride to town and I could be their chauffeur that night.
We could've talked in our car and become friends.
My life could've been a little bit diferrent and more positive.

If I didn't:

I would've reached home as scheduled/expected.
I would've felt guilty and kept wondering how were they doing.
I would've slept early.
I would be doing nothing but living my daily routine.
It would be just - Boring and Meaningless.

Life is really better, when you can make someone's day.
I think I really like to help people, in any ways, as long as that's what they need at that moment.

The society has become more and more cold-blooded and everyone's getting paranoid to help out because of bad people pretend to be helpless and rob. Yes, that happens but I think sometimes we need to follow our instinct to help, to restore the humanity in us, to rebuild the security we once had with the people around us.

We may be contented by minding our own business. But a little gesture, may make other's life become much better. And you wouldn't know what goodness may come back from your kindness.

I guess, I am ready.
Be kind, always.



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